Sunday, 30 July 2017

Tivaevae Art

Today Room9 and Room1 did Tivaevae art . Tivaevae art originates from the Cook island and is usually made by Women .. Tivaevae are seen / used during weddings , birthday and many other special occasions . The patterns usually represent their language .

Cook Islands

Today we were doing a Cook Island language slide . This week is Cook Island language week so we are doing some research on the Cook island culture .  Did you know that there is over 10,000 people in Cook Islands ? .

Hope you enjoy reading & hopefully you learnt something  ..

Thank you

Sunday, 2 July 2017


3rd July , 

Today we had to do a whakatauki ( a maori proverb ) . Our whakatauki today was "kia rere au ki te rangi tuhaha kia tau atu au ki toku tumata " english meaning : "  Let me soar to the heavens so that I may read my portential " 

Key message to this whakatauki : 

The key message in this whakatauki is : Flying high into the heavens . Reach yours goals that  you set for yourself . making a good start in life , pushing yourself to achieve those goals and working towards the brighter vision in life .. Start pushing yourself to where you wanna be in the future .. 

A time in my life where this whakatauki was set : 

A time in my life where I had to carry this whakatauki around was when I had to make a fresh start in life . set new goals , pushing myself to get to that goal .. I had to try push myself to where I want to be in the future I still am working towards thoses goals that I have set for myself .. Its just a matter of time where your going to look back and say I have done that , I worked towards that . 

In the future : 

I can use this whakatauki when : 

Try encourage others to achieve their goals themselves  because they probably don't have that support in their life and they probably need someone there for them .. Try help them achieve that goal and make sure they get to where you think they should be in life .. keep pushing them to achieve that goal of theres and make sure that they work towards that goal .. Help them throughout their life by helping them out with their goals .. 

My own version : 

We all can achieve our goals ,  all we have to do is challenge ourselves to where you want to be in life "