Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Kumara chips

Yesterday Rm10 made Kumara chips . We got put into groups and each group (one by one ) had to go help Kelly out with the chips . Firs of all we had to wash the Kumara and then chop the into thick slices  ( EVEN slices ) after that we had to put some oil onto the tray and place the slices into the tray .. Preheat your oven to 180c then place your tray into the oven .. Wait for 1 hour or 30 minutes for them too cook .. After they had finished we had to wait for at least 5 minutes for them too cook down .. Then we had to make our sauce , the sauces were Sour cream and Sweet chilli sauce .. I quite enjoyed making Kumara chips ..

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Sunday, 18 June 2017


Today we did maths based on Matariki . We learn't a lot of things , I learn't that Matariki stars never flip , there is a difference between flipped and rotating ! .. First we had to line up the stars to see what shape we could see and it came up with a hook ... 

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Whakatauki o te wiki T2W8

WALT: Make Personal Connections to a given whakatauki ..

Today we got given a whakatauki , the whakatauki that we got is " Ka Kitea A Matariki Ka Rere Te Korokoro" The english version to it is Move on start fresh . To me this whakatauki means Strive to succeed to see a brighter future in life , this message relates in my life when I start a new school and making new friends ... "Strive to succeed to see a brighter future in life " .

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

My Predictions - The Bone Tiki

...The Bone Tiki ...

WALT : Predict on what you think what will happen next in the book that your currently reading .. 

Today im reading the next chapter of The Bone Tiki , the chapter that im up to is chapter 6 and I think its about Matt going with someone somewhere with a girl or boy called Kelly , I think hes with someone because as it says his mouth tastes all sour and has a funny taste in it and it seems like he hasn't brushed his teeth in days , so that gave me a clue that he hasn't been home , In the first paragraph in the book it seems like he misses his dad because the first thing that came in his mind was the dad , after thinking about the dad he started to realise where the tiki is . He starts to get feelings like he lost the bone tiki , but as it said in the first time he stole it from Nanny Wai's funeral that Mat's dad new "important " client needs it badly , if Mat lost it and can't find it then probably something bad will happen to the dad or Mat , The Bone Tiki is tapu ( special ) and if something bad happens to the tiki then as I said something bad might happen to Mat or the dad .. I wonder what will happen next?... 

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Sunday, 11 June 2017

The Bone Tiki


Today I am doing a prediction on what the next chapter would be about the book that im reading which is : The Bone tiki .. I think it is about Mat and his friend going out to go seek for help .. The last chapter is when Mat stole the bone tiki from Nanny Wai's funeral , but his dads new client wants it badly . I reckon if the client or the dad finds out he stole it and ran away with it he would get into trouble .. Because The Bone Tiki is tapu (special ) , something might happen .. I wonder whats going to happen next ... 

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Ko te whakatauki o te wiki

WALT: Make personal connections to a given whakatauki ..

Today we had to do a presentation about a whakatauki that got given to us , the whakatauki that we had today was: "Toitu te whenua , whatungarongaro te tangata " We had to write this whakatauki in Maori and English then we had to write down what this whakatauki means to us , this whakatauki means to me that : Look after the whenua so it can still remain for the next generations to come , after that we had to do a pinterest poster for the whakatauki ..

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Technology Reflection ..

WALT: Reflect on what we did in Technology ..

Today for Food Technology we made chicken kebab with potato salad .. It took a long time to make it .. Our food that we used was Chicken breast , Potatoes , Mayonnaise  , Carrot and lastly eggs , the equipment that we used was the grater , pots , wooden spoon , bowls and many other equipment . We had to put the potatoes and eggs together to cook so it would  be easier , After all of that we had to make the salad , it look alright I guess , One thing that I think I did well was helping my team out with the cooking and one other thing I need to improve on is helping out with the cleaning and participate more in the cooking more ... Next week we ar baking and i'm hopping the baking is going to be very nice ..