Tuesday, 20 September 2016


WALT: Find out facts about St. Petersburg.

Today for SSR we had to search up facts about St.Petersburg. We had to search up what is the local time,population,celebrations,language, where St.Petersburg is located,where it got it name,capital city,weather and what types of celebrations do they. What I could of done better: I could of done more facts and expand more in the facts.

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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Chinese Lanterns

WALT:Make Chinese Lanterns

This how make Chinese lanterns. I wrote down how to make them and what is the equipment and what they look like at the end. I wish I could of have a picture of how I made it. Thank you for looking I hope you can make this. Please leave a comment.

Facts About China

WALT:Find facts about China.

This week is Chinese language week and I am making A DLO to celebrate the language. On my DLO I have put facts about the country China. I have found out all of these facts for chinese language week. Here is my DLO about the country China I have put as much facts on it as I could. I hope you enjoy my work and leave me some feedback and feedforward about what I should do better next time.

A letter to my bestfriend

To Nita Taue

It has been a year since you left and things ain’t right without you, my life’s a misery because you are not in it anymore ( that is because you left). I hope you made new friends but they better not be best friends, I miss you so much and I can’t wait to see you soon , everything that we used to do together brings back memories.Also when you come back you can tell me stories about your life and how things are going for you, things back here is not going so well because you are not here with me right now. But I still love you best friend even if you are not here with me right now. I found this awesome place that we could go when you come back, but it is surprise for you.

I wonder how things are for you?
What day are you coming back?


Love Irys ( your BESTFRIEND)


This letter is a narrative story it is all about my best friend leaving to another country and I wrote a letter saying that I really miss her and can't wait to see her again very soon.

No voice

The Worst Day Ever.

Intro: This morning I woke up with no voice. But when I went to sleep I am pretty sure that I had a voice. I wondered what happened when I was sleeping?

Paragraph 1 :
I just woke up and everytime I wake up I say good morning to myself, but when I said good morning I couldn’t hear anything, I was confused because last night I had a voice. So I ran down stairs and started to write down on a piece of paper what just happened right now and showed it to my mum. After showing my mum, my mum took me to the doctors. After waiting for ages like 1 hour for my turn the doctor came and asked for me, when I went with the doctor she checked everything and said that I may have no voice forever, I was upset because next week my school is doing speeches. So I said in my head if I don’t get my voice by Monday I am screwed because if I don’t do speeches my score would be a zero and I don’t want a zero. But the doctor said one way I could get better is rest a lot.

Paragraph 2:
The next hour my mum asked me if I was alright then I wrote down on a paper no I am not alright because I got speeches on Monday and I don’t have the voice to do it and you know what would happen if I don’t do  the speech. My mum thought that I lost my voice because I was probably yelling too much. I tried explaining to her that I am not lying I am telling the truth, 3 hours later she believed me. In my head I was wondering who did this to and how did this happen. I just clicked me , my cousins and sister were playing a game and I think they made me yell a lot last night and I probably forgot when I woke up.

Paragraph 3:
It was 5:00pm when I went up to my cousins and asked them what happen last night, but they didn’t tell I have feeling that they plan everything  last night but who knows. Then they told me what happen and I was happy they told me and glad to have the truth.  After a few minutes my voice slowly started to come back but it wasn’t how I expected it to be, so after a few minutes I had tried my best to not yell at my cousins and sister that much but it was so hard, because I am used to yelling at them. My voice came back nine minutes later, I was happy because I can do speeches which I was nervous about because I never said a speech in front of the whole school. It was a hard day for me today because I had NO VOICE, so I just slept it off until the next morning.

Conclusion: It  was a hard day for me today,I hope I don’t go through this situation again because I can’t survive without a voice. But if I get it again then I  know what to do next time. All I need to do is just sleep and rest it off.

WALT:Use Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation in the right areas.

This narrative story that I made up is all about me having no voice for a whole day, the day was hard because I had no voice at all. I think next time I could spend some more time working on my story.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Attitude Program

WALT:Learn about friendships.

What does it mean to be a good friend?: A good friend is when you are always there for your other friends. Also a good friend is when you cheer them up with what they enjoy doing and what they really like or you could do funny things to cheer them ups as well. Being a good friend is when you remember your friends birthday.

How do boys and girls communicate?: Girls either communicate by talking about things for example: what they did in the weekends, what are they going to do for the holidays .Also girls talk about other people in bad ways. Boys communicate by playing sports or introducing themselves to new people or they just go up to people and ask if they want to play sports with them.

Why is it important to respect differences?:You have to respect other people because it is not fair on the other person if they pay you respect you should disrespect the person who is always giving you respect. Another reason why you should show other respect because some other people are new to the school and wants to be friends with you but you are disrespecting them and they don’t want that, they want someone that is kind to them and shows them respect.

What are the myths to friendship?:Friendship just happen, you are the only one that struggles, it is all about quantity. Friendship just happens , it doesn’t come straight away it takes time so people can get to know you and see what you are really like. You are the only one that struggles, that is not true you are not the only one that struggles because there is lots of people that struggles with lots of things like, math, sports and lots and lots of other things. Its is all about quantity:Quantity is all about having other people in your group and letting people  join in.

How many friends should we have?

We should have at least 5-4 friends or you could have more it is up to you, if you have a friend that won’t let anyone in your group  just tell them to come anyways.

2 ways people can bully others
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Physical bullying

What I liked about Dan’s presentation was that it helps us learn about what is going on with us and how we can sort out other things and also I liked how he told us about his life during the presentation.