Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Technology Reflection


Today was our last session at Technology, today was our time to finish of our work and complete other things in Technology. I was in Mr Grundy's class where we had to do pewter casting which is a type of metal that Mr Grundy's use for a metal necklace. I wish I could of done a better design because I wanted to make it more surprising. After making the necklace I got to take it home, I made this design for my sister because her birthday is coming up and also because she loves signing.

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WALT: Reflect on what we did in music

Today for music we watch another Rad Rhythm, I learnt a lot of words that I never knew before, the words that I didn't know was Dynamics, Subdivision, Crescendo and Decrescendo, Rm 9 had to write down what they mean and the meaning is at the top in the reflection. I wish I could have been more confident of making a better beat.

Buddy class

WALT: make a jellyfish

Yesterday Rm9 had to go down to Room 2 for buddy class. In Rm2 we got into buddy's , my buddy was Rylan, room9 and room2 had to make jellyfishes it was fun and enjoyable. Me and Rylan loved making it, we had to choose a lot of colours, Rylan choose black and red and I choose blue ,red and green. I enjoyed making this with Rm2 and I wish to do it again with them next time for buddy class.

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Sports Information Report - The Olympics


The games we play today like soccer , dodgeball and those other sports we love to play and hear about every day on television and radios.Have you ever thought when sports ever started or even why it started.Well I’ll tell all the information you need to know about the beginning of sports.

The time sports and games ever began were in the prehistoric times, when all the people slept in caves wore animal clothing and struggled to hunt for food in their times,commonly known as cavemen.For the cavemen to survive out in the wild they would need to have lots of skills such as running, throwing,strength and been able to work as a team with others.These prehistoric people had to keep fit and strong so they would play games and tests like races to see who’s the fastest, who’s most accurate and the best at throwing spears over long distances.

In ancient Greece sport carnivals started to take place in 1700 BC which is close to 4000 years ago.Men only went to these kind of shows and competitions to show how strong and  good at sports they are.Since sports was a thing Athletics and Gymnastics became very popular.then the greeks  realised that  playing alot of sports help others to be fit and think clearly.So sporting champions were treted as heroes.Then the greeks began tournaments known as Olympics in 776 BC.The olympipcs started of with 5 main sports ,racing , leaping, javelin,discus and wrestling.Later on games like boxing and chariot were added in the olympic games.Because the olympics were so popular and important even the war would stop while it is in progress.Then the greeks built stadiums like the coloseumm for playing sports and the olympics.Before teen aged boys went to war they would play a game of basket ball in public bath rooms.

Hundreds of years ago the men who fought for their king,queen or country were called knights. Knights needed to have good fighting skills,so they practice their skills at the tournament.  Jousting the one  of the most popular and colourful event  these tournaments. To knights on horseback charged at each other to the ground with a long pole  ,or jousting stick . The knights tested other skills too such as sword fighting, archery, the use of special club called  a” mace”.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Ancient Vs Modern Olympic Games

Ancient Vs Modern Olympic Games

I am going to be talking about what is the difference between the ancient and modern times of the olympics.

In the ancient times it all started in 1895. In the ancient olympics they played  Archery,Badminton, Canoe Sprint, Diving, Handball and many more. In the ancient time they didn’t  have technology to mark up all of the scores and calculate all of the scores. In ancient times they  only allowed people of greek descents to participate  but only a few hundred were allowed to participate. That is quite different from the situation today.

In the modern time we still do the same games as the Ancient time, but it is different because now we use technology to calculate all of the points and other things too. The modern olympic games include the games of the olympiad ( summer games)  and the olympic winter games. The first edition of the modern games was first held in 1896 in Athens (Greece), and the first olympic winter games in 1924 in Chamonix (France). In every olympic games they include one more sport. This year they have included golf in the Rio Olympics 2016.

The ancient and modern games were both held every four years. They both had Boxing, Pentathlon and Wrestling.  In the moderns they also do discus, Javelin and many more. Also the winners always seem to get the highest honors. The thing that was good about both olympics is that  victory was greatly rewarded.  Many people all around the world came to watch and international sports competition always made money for people especially sports sponsorship.

In the modern olympics they did a lot of games especially the ancient olympics, they did Archery, Boxing, Wrestling and others. They both had their reward which was victory and they also had people come to the games from all over the world. However I would like to see the ancient games carry on without all of the new technology because it takes up all of our time.

Monday, 29 August 2016


This is my reading task, I had to figure out how the author persuade us, how the author inform us and how the author entertain us. After writing down how they persuades us ,inform and entertains us we have to write down our opinion and how it reflects to the story. For my opinion I wrote down: I think this story is a good story because it is easier to understand and other stories it is hard for me to understand. 

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Thursday, 25 August 2016


Today was our last day of Life Education, it was a good time there. Today we got to see Harold and did a few activities like, goal settings, a clapping game, karaoke ,how the body works and also learn't new words, like Dopamine, Homeostasis and Serotonin. But sadly this session was our last session, even if it was our last session I still had a awesome time .  

Sunday, 21 August 2016


WALT: Control our Badminton Strikes.

Today Rm9 did Kiwisports it was fun, but sadly today was our last session. Our rules for Badminton was not to play sword fights, don't whack the shuttle so hard it is gonna end up hurting somebody and don't swing your racket around. The two strokes that I learn't was backhand grip and front hand grip which is frypan and hand shaking . I liked how I got to learn new things in Badminton and new rules that I never knew before  in Badminton. I wished I got to learn more things in Badminton.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Obama leads Clinton Choir Information Report

Obama leads Clinton Choir

President Barack Obama painted a positive picture of America’s future and offered full support for Hillary Clinton’s bid to defeat Donald Trump in a speech that inspire the Democratic National convention at Philadelphia yesterday.  

He urged Democrats to enable Clinton to finish the job he started with his election nearly eight years ago in an  inspiring speech that capped a day when party leader took to the stage to contrast the party’s new standard- bearer with Trump, who they portrayed as a threat to United States Value  

Obama took aim at Donald Trump's campaign slogan and promise to make America great again “America is already great. America is already strong , and I promise you, our strength , our greatness, does not depend on Donald Trump” Barack Obama says. Senior Democrats and former national security figures lined up earlier in the day to describe Trump as unable to steer America through the dangerous waters of today’s world.

This is what I did for my information report. We had to write about different articles on a news paper. I wrote about Obama leads Clinton Choir. This article is all about Obama trying to help Hillary Clinton Defeat Donald Trump. I hope you enjoy reading this information report.

Thank you for reading.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Joseph Sullivan

WALT: Write down facts about Joseph Sullivan Today I read an article about Joseph Sullivan and wrote down facts about him. I liked how I wrote down things about him and got to know him. I think I could so a lot more things about him.

Blooms Taxonomy

This is my Blooms Taxonomy I have done an article about The Ultimate Cliffhanger. I have done remembering, understanding, applying, analysing, evaluating and creating. I liked how I got to learn how to use Blooms Taxonomy instead of creating an presentation to write my answers down. I wish I could write more information about the article.

My Drawing

This is my drawing that I am doing . I am not finish yet but I am getting there,  I have described what two cultures are and what the patterns look like in real life.  

Fire Escape Plan

WALT: Write a escape plan.

Yesterday Rm9 had to draw an escape plan so just in case each one of us has a fire at home we know how to get out fast and quick.

Sunday, 7 August 2016


WALT: Have control when hitting the shuttle to our partner.

This is what Rm9 did in Badminton. I talked about what I did with my partner, what my goal is for next time and what are my strengths. The Badminton coaches are  Ben and Kevin.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Rio's Logo

WALT: Learn more about the Rio Logo

Today my group had to find out the meaning of the words we chose from the text we read. I chose 7 words to find out.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Blog Tips


Today Rm9 worked on facts about Peru. We had to find out lots of facts. Some of yous might know some of them or might not know about these facts. I wrote down what Peru is the largest producers of, the capital and others.

Hope you learn't something about Peru.


This is my Iceland facts. I put in different types of facts that you may or may not know.

I hope you learnt something.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Cook Island


This is my Cook Island drawing. I have put in facts about Cook Island, I have put in the official language that is spoken in the Cook Island and also I have put in what they are large on, the smallest island and the largest island.

Thank you for looking.