Thursday, 8 December 2016


Today for Technology we play games based on designing but sadly today was our last session . We didn't get to finish of our design because Ms Ferguson wasn't here today so we had a different teacher Miss Brown. For the first time I got to use Tinkercad it was a fun site to use  , because I got to make different designs and many more things. Next time I would like to finish of my design. 

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Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas Songs ..

WALT: Research on Christmas songs and what they mean.

This is my presentation on Christmas songs. My task was to choose 3-5 songs to research on and write down what they mean. My other questions were "Why do we have Christmas songs " , Countries that celebrate Christmas and Names of different countires that celebrate Christmas.. My 3 songs were Rudolph the rednosed reindeer , Santa Claus is coming to town and Jingle bells.

My challenges :
I couldn't really find out the meaning of the song lyrics because different websites didn't have any answers so I just got different facts and tried putting it into what it the answer is ..

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John Key

WALT: Research on why John Key is resigning .

Today Room 9 is doing a research on why John Key is resiging . The article that I read was "Why John Key is resiging " and the reason why he is , is because he barley has time for his family and he is always busy to do other things besides hanging out with his family . As I heard that he enjoyed his time of being the Prime Minister but he said that he wants to spend time with his family .

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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Trump hits out at China in series of tweets

      Trump hits out at China in series of tweets

US President-elect Donald Trump. Photo / AP

WALT: Reflect on a Article in the world section on NZ Herald. 

United States President - elect Donald Trump has today gone on the offensive against China, days after a call with Taiwan's leader broke tradition and caused a stir among foreign policy experts. Talking to his favourite communication medium , Twitter , Trump said : "Did China ask us if it was OK to devalue their currency (making it hard for our companies to compete ) ,heavily tax our products going into ..... their country (the U.S doesn't tax them ) or to build a massive mililtary complex in the middle of the South China Sea ? I don't think so !" The move followed criticism by political pundits on Twitter after Trump broke with four decades of diplomatic protocol by speaking to Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing Wen . The US formally recognised the goverment in Beijing as repersenting China in 1978 and Endores the idea that there is only "one China " . China's Foreign Ministry lodged a complaint with the US over the Taiwan call. 

Here is the link if you want to read the article 

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Black Gold Hair Extentions.

WALA: The different events giving on around the world. 

This article is about hair extensions . So it's all about people in Asia and China cutting of girls and womens ponytail off and trading it to other people around China. Also in a billion - dollar human hair trade , ponytails cut from women in the East and sold to women of the west. Most of the hair is grown in China and during the manufacturing process it is disinfected. Each step further erases any trace of it original owner.

I think it's kinda mean how the chinese people cut women and girls ponytails off. As I heard they have no choice they have to cut it off . There is lots of women and girls that want to keep their hair but men in China take their hair away from the women and girls from the East and trades it to the women from the West.
I think the author’s purpose of writing this is because he or she has probably been through this or just know a lot about men in China cutting of women and girls hair. I think the author wrote this article because it’s an interesting fact about China because I never knew about this. I think the author wrote this to make people aware because it might happen with them .

Because people pay other people to do their hair with hair extentions and put on wigs and it is a very high demand because people trade hair to other people in a different area in China. So it's a very high demand because they get money for these hairs.

If this never happen this would never happen to girls and women in China. I think if this never happen people wouldn't know about hair extentions and probably the hair salons wouldn't have enough wigs or extentions because they don't get enough hairs from people in China .

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Technology !!

WALT: Reflect on what we are doing in Technology . 

Today we are back at technology and doing our final design. My new final design is a pig with clouds as my wings. I wanted to do a cow as my final design because I already done it , but I changed my mind and do a pig instead . I think next time i should be more creative and do a different design. Now I am up to the cutting bit and next week I might be able to paint my design .

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

President Trump 2k17

 WALT:Write our opinion about the new President.

 This is my opinion about the new President (Donald Trump ) I always used to think that Donald Trump is the bad guy but now I realised that all along it was Hillary Clinton. Because She mad a war between America and Vietnam. I actually changed my mind about Donald Trump because he may been a bad guy in the past but everyone can change their bad ways. I heard that Donald Trump is gonna make America a better place to live and that might be true. So I wonder if those things are true. ?? Thank you for listening , Please leave a comment.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

How To Be More Resilient.

Learning how to be resilient can help us cope with difficult or stressful situations.

WALT: refelct on what we read in NZ Herald.

Resilience is about being able to cope and adapt to stressful situations . Some poeple seem naturally adepts at "Rolling with the punches " although others can really struggle in times of stress and change that are thrust apon them. Leaving how to boost our reslience equips us to  better rides the invential waves of advertisy that life throws at us. Taking actions even when everything seems to hard. Just finding the right thing to do and then taking actions is powerful. It might not be the thing that solves the whole problem (because such an opition is unlikely to exist) but generating positive energy through taking actions -even imperfect actions- so a sense of momentum blinds and the feels of stuckness dissipates.

What are my goals for next time??
My goals for next time is to write more on what I think on how to be more resilience.
Next goals are to write down what my opinons are about resilience.

My challenges ??
My challenges is that I couldn't really understand where this was coming from but at the end I realized what it was .

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Team Buildings

WALT: Reflect on what we did for Team Buildings

On Monday the year 7&8’s did team building outside on the field. We did some camp activities together before the year 7&8’s were off to camp the next day. The first game we did was that everyone had to get into their 4 groups. We first had to get into partners of 2 then had to form a circle. One buddy had to stand in the front then the other partner had to kneel down behind their partner.

EOTC Week !!

WALT: Reflect on what we did in EOTC.

This is my presentation that I worked with Nita. The whole of last week the year 4 5 & 6 had E.O.T.C while the year 7&8's were
at camp. Although some year 7&8's didn't go so they stayed behind and 
went E.O.T.C as well. E.O.T.C stands for Education Outside The Classroom. E.O.T.C 
is extremely fun and it's a good time to get to know others and getting new friends and 
knowing more about the people around you. My favorite part of E.O.T.C was when we watched 
the movie Secret Life Of Pets. It's my favorite part of E.O.T.C because I get
to spend more time with my friends and because I was really looking forward to watching 
Secret Life Of Pets. In most parts of the movie I laughed because Snowball is so cute and funny
because he looks so cute and then turns angry. Snowball is my favorite character because he's cute, funny, intelligent in his own ways, confident and many more reasons why. The reason why I broke up the days was because I wanted it to be in order for what I did and Instead of writing reflections for each day and posting it up I decided to write a reflection for each day on a presentation and blog it up after I finish. 

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Sunday, 20 November 2016


Today, some of the  year 4-8 went EOTC standing for : Education , Outside , The , classroom . For EOTC we went to Tenpin bowling and Lazer Strike. I really enjoyed today and I can't wait till tomorrow for our next activity.

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Here are some pictures from today:

Tuesday, 15 November 2016


WALT: Choose a November celebration to reflect on as part as our Inqury

Today the November celebration that I choose was Thanksgiving I worked with a friend (Nita) . We choose Thanksgiving because we know a lot about this celebration and we  also chose this celebration because this is our favourite November celebration either than Guy Fawkes. Thanks giving it a time of the year when family come together at one relatives house and give thanks to others . Thanksgivings is a expression of gratitude but especially to God . The whole family sits around the dinner table and says what they are thankful for what they did for them .

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Scientists dive inside 'weird looking' Mars funnel for the first time

Scientists dive inside 'weird looking' Mars funnel for the first time

WALT: Reflect on what we read on NZ Herald on the Technology section. 
A graph charting the depth of the Hellas depression at different points. Photo / Joseph Levy / NASA
Today the article I chose to read was from the section Technology and it’s about scientists diving inside a weird looking Mars funnel for the first time. It was 2009 when Joseph Levy began poring over images from the surface of the Martian planet. He was fascinated by what he found. There,in high resolution photographs became back to earth by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter was what Dr Levy describes as the "bullseye". He was looking deep into the eyes of two craters - known as the Hellas depression and the Galaxias Fossae depression. Others had looked before but nobody saw what he saw. Last week , Dr Levy and a team of researchers from the University of Texas at Austin , went deep inside the craters for the first time. That if life ever existed.

Here is the link if you want to read it

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Is Sports Sexist ??

Is Sports Sexist ??

In rugby the captain of the all blacks team is Kieran Read. Kieran read is 31 years old and is the captain of all blacks. The all blacks team’s New Zealand’s national rugby union. The captain of the  black Ferns is Fiao’o Fa’amausili and now she is a police officer.

The most popular sport in my family is Netball, well rugby and netball because in my dad’s  side it is rugby and on my mums side it is netball.  Rugby is a popular sport in my dad’s family because they have been playing it since they were little. On my mum’s side it is netball because they have been playing it since they were teenagers. I enjoy both sports but i am mainly into netball. My dad is famous for playing rugby in my family because he plays for a club and my mum used to be famous for playing rugby in my family but she stopped playing. We watch these sports on tv.

Sexism means when someone or a group is stereotyping and typically against female.

I am not to sure if there is any sports that are sexist to men only to women because most sports that men play aren’t really sexist.

There are sports in the world but some sports are sexist to women. Football is a sexist towards females because many females have  been sexually harassed in football. In netball it says that netball must be the world’s most sexist sport because it says that men only go there to see the woman and not learn new skills and all that. There is also sexist in tennis as well and a lot of people have said that sexism in tennis needs to stop . It says that rugby is a sexist sport because they get touched but women or males.

I don’t really think that there is any sexist sports for men because they get touched by men and that is normal for them but when it comes to woman it is a whole different story.

WALT: Reflect on what we read on Kiwi kids News.

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Monday, 14 November 2016

Why do movies need ratings ???

Why do movies need ratings??

Movies have ratings because the people that made the movies want to know how many people like and dislike their movie. It is so what they need to work on next time. Another rating is when they have ratings for what little kids and older people should watch but little kids just watch inappropriate movies anyways. The reason why movies have ratings is because they have violence and inappropriate scenes that is bad for little kids.

I think bad language is bad because it is a bad influence to little kids. If little kids find out about bad language they will grow up swearing and not going anywhere with their life if they swear all the time. In some movies they have bad language that makes the kids interested cause of the bad language.

I think teachers should punish kids for swearing because swearing isn’t a good thing. Swearing is bad and it won’t take you anywhere in life , it will get you into trouble in school and swearing is a thing that won’t take you anywhere except staying at home with nothing when you are older. In movies they have bad scene well it is mainly swearing which is bad for kids that is watching movies that have swearing in it.

There is one person that I know that has watch inappropriate movie was my friend Nita, she has watch a movie but without sexually scences. She said there was lots of swearing and it wasn’t good.

I kinda don’t swear but I only swear sometimes but not all the time.

WALT: Reflect on an article that we read involving movies. 

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WALA: The earthquake that happened in New Zealand.

Today room 9 is writing about the earthquake in New Zealand. The earthquake in New Zealand is all over the news and we had to pick one news to read about from NZ Herald. I picked the article that’s about John Key getting lots of phone calls leaders all around the world. John Key had one attempt call the President elect Donald Trump. World leaders have been contacting John Key following about the earthquakes happening in New Zealand. Key has been talking to Newshub about how it is so important to try and stop the earthquakes impacting on the tourism industry

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

2016 Manaiakalani

2016 Manaiakalani

Today Tamaki Primary went to Sylvia Park for the 2016 Manaiakalani. First we went to our buddy class so we can partner up with them and reflect on the expectations when we go to Sylvia Park. After partenering up we had to have an early morning tea. Then after morning tea we went into Room 2 and got our buddies and went over the expectations again. Then we went into the bus on the way to Sylvia Park. While we were watching the film's me and my buddies favorite movie was Room 10 's movie Making  Choices, I like how they showed what is bad and what was good. My other favorite movie was Room 6 's Zumba, they did it well also they never gave up, even thought it looked like they wanted to they never did. The thing that they did well was working together. Even though they messed up some bits they still did well. The thing that I found challenging was that my buddy kept on interupting me when I tried to watch the movie but it was alright at the same time.

Here are some pictures.

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Monday, 7 November 2016

World's Shortest International Flight.


WALT: Reflect on what we read on Kiwi Kids News.

Today I on kiwi kids news I looked at a article called World's Shortest International Flight. It is about An Australian airline has launched what it claims is the world's shortest international flight, taking just eight minutes. The new route connects St Gallen -Altenrhine in Switzerland to Friedrichshafen in Germany.

World's Shortest Flight!!
The world's shortest scheduled flight is in the Orkney Islands in Scotland. It takes just two minutes to fly from Westray to Papa Westray and even less if winds conditions are good. The airline who runs the service, Loganair, recently celebrated taking millionth passengers on the route.

World's Longest Flight!!
The longest non - stop flight in the world in terms of distance, is Dubai in the middle east to Auckland in New Zealand. The flight route takes around 17 hours covers 14,000km.

If you want to read the article click here 

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My Weekend

WALT: Reflect on what we did in the weekends.

For my weekends I did lots of things. For starters I went out with my cousin and aunty out for lunch . After that we went to go visit my papa at the cemetery, I nearly cried cause I miss him a lot. Before all of this I went out with my dad to buy fireworks , we bought 7 boxes because we were sharing with our family. On that night my family came and we started to do fireworks. On Sunday we didn't do that much, we got to pick either go play outside or watch t.v but me and my cousin and sister chose to play outside. I enjoyed my weekend and can't wait till the next.

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Speech Presentation

WALT: Write key ideas about our speech.

This is my speech presentation. I pick this topic as my speech because I know a lot about this. My key ideas are : Good friends, Bad Friends, In your worstest times in life, honesty, trust. I put down lots of facts about this topic for example: Good friends care for each other and they are always there for you when you need it.

Thanks for listening. I hoped you enjoyed my presentation.

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Strong Earthquake Strikes Central Italy

WALT:  Reflect on what we read on kiwi kids news

Today I read an article about Italy's 6.6 earthquake. I found alot of things challenging when I was reading this article and those were: How is Italy the most seismically active countires in Europe. The earthquake struck about 6km north of Norica. 10km deep at a magnimitude of 6.6. If you want to read this article here is the link .

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed.

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Guy Fawkes

WALT: Research on Guy Fawkes.

This is my research about Guy Fawkes. I put down who was he and interesting facts about which you can read up top. The reason why we celebrate Guy Fawkes is because he is history and he is important. If you want to learn more about him, you can search him up on the internet and look at the facts.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy. Also please comment and give feedback and feedforward.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Kiwi can

WALT: Reflect on what we did in Kiwi Can
Today for Kiwi Can with Miss Latoya and Mr M we learned about social media. There were 3 tables set out for us with chairs around it so we could sit around it. Each table were given 1 paper each and 1 pencil/pen each. The first thing we did was Miss Latoya and Mr M called out some logo’s and each group had to draw what the logo looked like and when we finished the whole group had to stand up and then Miss Latoya and Mr M had to choose which group had drawn the logo the best. roup had drawn the logo the best.


WALT: Reflect on what we did in Kiwisport.

Today for Kiwi Sport we did Basketball with Marco. Today was our last day of  Kiwi Sport we had a longer session because Room 10 was not able to have their Kiwi Sport today. First of all we had to get into groups of 3 and got behind the cones that were set out for us. Today we learnt 4 types of dribblings they are crossover, between, behind the back & high bounce. 4 types of passes we also learnt today are overhead pass, bounce pass & chest pass. We can only  can hold the ball for 5 seconds .  I learned how to do the armbar which I didn’t know how to do. I also learnt how to play the game ball tag.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Speech Reflection

WALT: Reflect on what we are doing for our speech.

My speech is about “ What It Means To Be A Good Friend”. I chose this topic because I have been in this situation before because half of my friends weren’t there for me when I needed it. My speech is all about trust,honesty, kindness and also what is the difference between good and bad friends

Date Name To Remember New Zealand Wars


WALT: Reflect on what we read on Kiwi Kids news 

Today im reading on the National section on Kiwi Kids News. A national day marking the New Zealand Wars has been set October 28th. This date is same day as the signing of the 1835 Declaration of Independence. The first commemorations day , in 2017  , will be hosted by the Te Tai Tokerau tribes in Northland. After that , the commemorations will move from year to year to reconised battles sites around the country.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Buddy Class

WALT: Reflect on what we did in buddy class.

On Monday we had buddy class. Rm 9 ‘s buddy class was Rm 2. My partner was Sarah. For buddy class we did a lot of things that was related to Halloween because on Monday it was Halloween.First we talked to our buddy about what Halloween is, then we got on to making masks, we got to pick whether we can make the day of the dead mask , a cat or Frankenstein and also we got to make our own mask , my buddy chose a cat while I chose Frankenstein.

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WALT: Reflect on what we did in music.

Today for music we watch our last video of Rad Rhythm. The first thing that we did was play a game of “Don’t Clap This One Back” and this time we had to touch the wall, it was quite fun. Next we had to do a performance piece so we had to get into 4 groups and do different types of beats. My group did a Cook island beat and the others did something different.

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WALT: Reflect on what we did in technology. 

Today for Technology we did Graphic Design. We finished of our model my one was flying pig. Everyone else did something else.I wish I could of finished the bit where we put the string into our design,but I will finish it next week.

Monday, 31 October 2016

My Weekend

WALT:Reflect on what we did in our weekends

Yesterday we had to reflect on what we did in the weekends.For my weekends me and my sister went up north to see my dad cause he moved to his new house and I stayed there for one night . On Sunday I went to Hamilton to go see my Aunt's little baby.  My weekend was very fun I wish I could do this again.

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WALT: Reflect on what we did in basketball

Today for kiwi Sport we had Basketball with Maliek. Today some new skills that I learnt today was the layouts and the skill when you put the ball at your shoulder then bring down to your right leg and then dribble the ball and shoot. Maliek our basketball coach told us that in basketball they use the word B.E.E.F. Beef stands for balance, eye contact, elbow, follow.

Thursday, 27 October 2016


WALT: choose a celebration to work on.

Today the celebration I chose was Christmas. I chose Christmas because I
know many and many things about Christmas. Christmas is also
my favourite holiday and celebration because it's Jesus Christ birthday. This Christmas
I hope that i'm gonna get lots of new present's. Christmas is on the 25th of December
as everyone already knows. Santa Claus is known as Kris Kringle. 

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


WALT: Do a summary about the artical we read.

A Texas mother has given birth to two sets of boys in Houston hospital. The chances of this happening are around one in 70 million, so it makes this event very rare. The four brothers were delivered at 31 weeks to Tressa Montalvo. Mr and Mrs Montalvo has just hoped for a little boy or sister for their 2 year old  son, Memphis. Instead they got four boys.


WALT: Reflect on what we did in music.

Today for music with Caleb we were up to lesson 17 and it was exams. When Caleb first said that it’s time for exams now I was shocked because it’s not what I was expecting. What I was expecting was just another lesson about music and doing more drum beats like the usual. But as we started to do the music exam it was a bit hard but then it got better and better.


WALT:Reflect on what we did in technology. 

Today for Technology we did Graphic Design. We finished of our model my one was flying pig. Everyone else did something else. I wish I could of got to the bit where we get to put the string in it , but I will finish it next week.

Monday, 24 October 2016

What I have learn't from myself ?

WALT: Find out what we learned from yourselves over this year.

We had to find out 3 things about what we learnt about ourselves , well first of all I am getting better at being a bit more confident when I have to speak infront of the class. Second of all I learn't that I am gettting over my shyness and third I am learning that there is lots of people around that I could be friends with because I used to always hang around with the same people. My struggle is that I can't complete my work without music which is hard cause if I don't have music I can concerntrate.

Thursday, 20 October 2016


WALT: research an article and relfect on it

Today for SSR the article I chose to read about is about a young boy who can’t be hugged and finds his first friend in service dog. This article is about an autistic boy who sadly can’t be touched has struck up a special bond with a service dog that he flew thousands of miles just to meet.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


WALT: reflect on what we did at music

Today in room 9, we went down to the music room and had music with Caleb. Caleb is our music teacher. I learned how to spell Cabasa. Cabasa is kind of instrument that has beads inside of it. I also learned how to spell another instrument and it is the Nanigo.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Oakley Creek

WALT: I can find and learn the meanings of unknown
vocabulary by using strategies such as applying my
knowledge of how words work or seeking explanations in
the text or in illustrations

Today for reading I had to do a text about a girl named Faith and how she has to decided whether to stay away from doing a bad thing or doing that bad thing. Faith choose the bad thing and that was lying to her mum saying that she is going to the school and the day was Saturday but when she left she went to a girl name Destiny and they went to a Creek. Then I had to answer questions that is related to the story and I answered them .

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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Kiwi Can

WALT: Relfect on what we did in Kiwi Can.

Today for Kiwi Can we did lots of things, for starters we did a game of noodle soccer it was really fun. If you want to know how to play these are the rules: Get into 2 groups of 9, and you have to each get a number and then one person calls out your number and you have to go up to the pool noodles and start smacking the ball with it till we reach the goals.


WALT:Learn new skills in Basketball.

Today Rm9 had their first session at Kiwi Sports, the sports that we did was Basketball. Our instructors names are Malik and Marco, they taught us how to dribble the ball and how to shot the ball in properly. First we had to do a warm up and the warm was was running, jogging and walking back and forward dribbling the ball at the same time. One thing that I have to improve on is bending my when I am about to shoot.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016


WALT: Relfect on what we did in Technology.

Today,  for Technology my group did Graphic design we started on doing 3D design. At first we learnt about two words that we didn't know about and those words are Isometric and Oblique. After learning those words , we had to try do straight lines so when we do the art we have straight lines, and also we did cubes and triangles that are 3D. Then we had to use a Isometric grid to help us out do a perfect cube. The one thing that I could of done better was to make the cubes more straighter and better. 

3D Art At Technology

Today,  for Technology my group did Graphic design we started on doing 3D design. At first we learnt about two words that we didn't know about and those words are Isometric and Oblique. After learning those words , we had to try do straight lines so when we do the art we have straight lines, and also we did cubes and triangles that are 3D. Then we had to use a Isometric grid to help us out do a perfect cube. I could of done a better job on doing a better cube but at least I tryed.

Music Reflection

WALT:Reflect on what we did for music.

Today for music with Caleb we watched Rad Rhythm. The first thing we did was watch the first part of the video then we played a game. The first game we played was called “Copy Cat”. What you have to do in it is you have to copy the person standing at the front and when they do the don’t clap this one back you have to turn around touch the floor then put your nose up and make a pig noise. Whoever does the don’t clap this one back they have to sit down on the floor and watch the others that are still in the game play until they lose.

Monday, 10 October 2016


WALT: Find out facts about Jamaica.

Today we had to find out facts about Jamaica. We had to search up where is Jamaica located, what city is the largest in Jamaica, population,continet, offical language , celebrations and also facts of our own. My facts were over 1 million tourists go to Jamaica and also what does the flag colours mean, the colours means strong , creative,the sun shineth and strength and creativity.

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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Kiwi Can

WALT: Reflect On Kiwi Can.

Today for Kiwi Can we had to get into 4 groups so we could do a warm up. The warm up involved our school values which is Tuku Marie (Tolerance)  Rangimarie (Peace)  Manaakitanga ( Caring For Others) Whanaungatanga ( Building Relationships) . After that warm up we had to reflect on how it looks like outside of school and inside of school with the person next to us. Then we had to get into groups to either do a role play or a rap or a poem , my group choose a poem, and the rest of the groups choose a role play. Next time when we go back to Kiwi Can I hope I can inprove more in my confidents when my group have to share things.

Magic Squares

WALT: Solve a maths problem using numbers between 1-12.

Today for maths we did a worksheet, the worksheet was called Magic Squares. Magic Squares are about adding numbers to make 24 but you have to use numbers between 1-12. In each Row / Column we have to put numbers that will make 24. I solved my problem by adding the numbers all up in the rows and columns, I was responisble by not making a big fus about my problem and how I should solve it.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


WALT: Find out facts about St. Petersburg.

Today for SSR we had to search up facts about St.Petersburg. We had to search up what is the local time,population,celebrations,language, where St.Petersburg is located,where it got it name,capital city,weather and what types of celebrations do they. What I could of done better: I could of done more facts and expand more in the facts.

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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Chinese Lanterns

WALT:Make Chinese Lanterns

This how make Chinese lanterns. I wrote down how to make them and what is the equipment and what they look like at the end. I wish I could of have a picture of how I made it. Thank you for looking I hope you can make this. Please leave a comment.

Facts About China

WALT:Find facts about China.

This week is Chinese language week and I am making A DLO to celebrate the language. On my DLO I have put facts about the country China. I have found out all of these facts for chinese language week. Here is my DLO about the country China I have put as much facts on it as I could. I hope you enjoy my work and leave me some feedback and feedforward about what I should do better next time.