Sunday, 3 September 2017

Whakatauki O Te Wiki

Whakatauki : 

"Tangata ako i te whare te turanga ki te marae tau ana " 

English : 
"The person taught well at home will stand strong on the marae and in society " 

Key message : 

It starts at home , if you get taught well about leadership and values , you will be able to take that leadership skill and those values through your life journey. Getting taught those values and showing that leadership will take u far in life as in being an adult . 

A time in my life : 

A time in my life where this whakatauki was set is when i'm either going to a tangi or a family meeting .  Theres either one person standing up and telling us ( kids and adults ) how things are going to be , he or she reminds us on how we should respect each other and show our values towards each other . 

You will hear this in : 

You will either hear this whakatauki in : Sports tournaments , family meetings , confrences etc.. 

My own version : 

" Values taught when you are young , using these values and leadership wisely will help you get far when you are an adult " 

Quote : 


Thursday, 31 August 2017

Qualities - Careers

Today for careers we had to do a task related to qualities . There's 8 qualities that I think I'm best at and I reckon those qualities are : Kind , on time , polite , quite , careful , cheerful , competitive and responsible . For this task we had to write the meaning and all but something different about my one is that I put in my understanding about qualities and I explained why my qualities are what they are .

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Monday, 7 August 2017

Maths - Tia and Tom Money ( Spend & Save )

Today we solved an algebra problem to calculate how much money would be spent and earned by 2 twins . Tom started of with 20$ and spent $2per day . Tia started with $0 and earned $2.50 per day . I used a table to help me calculate the day Tia would overlap Tom with money . We made links to statistics and chose a line graph to show our thinking . You can see clearly , that by Friday , Tia had more money than Tom . 

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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Whakatauki O Te Wiki

Today we had to do a presentation on Whakatauki (  Maori proverb ) . The proverb is " Ma Pango , Ma Whero , Ka Oti Ai Te Mahi " meaning : " With black and red the work will be complete " The words that we  thought / know that  relates to this Whakatauki is : Working together , Cooperation , Partcipation , Communication , Interacting and many more words that relates to it ..

To me, the key message in this whakatauki is :
Supporting others . Interact with others just to get to know them or get involve with the conversation .

You might hear someone use this whakatauki when :

You meet up with your family memebers or  friends and disscus how your going to get or going to do to help out getting the mahi ( work / task / job ) done ..

My own version of this whakatauki :

" Particatation and interacting can help you get this task / mahi / work / job done ..

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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Tivaevae Art

Today Room9 and Room1 did Tivaevae art . Tivaevae art originates from the Cook island and is usually made by Women .. Tivaevae are seen / used during weddings , birthday and many other special occasions . The patterns usually represent their language .

Cook Islands

Today we were doing a Cook Island language slide . This week is Cook Island language week so we are doing some research on the Cook island culture .  Did you know that there is over 10,000 people in Cook Islands ? .

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