Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Kia Ora.

Today, Half of the Kia Manawanui .Students, have been working on an artwork called "Mauri"..

What does Mauri Mean
(Maori Meaning to ) -Life Force. or Essence.

Where does Mauri come from?
Mauri is naturally in you , being born and living with mauri is a good way to show people who you are , if you actively show who you are your basically showing you are to people 

Why is Mauri important?
It doesnt only keep the legends from the great past known, and our culture alive. But, Mauri guides you to find yourself more and more throughout your journey. It helps you to know who you are(?) and find the kind of person you really are(?).Mauri comes with Mana. And mana comes with respect..To respect Mauri, you need to learn lots about who you are and about your culture. 

What does mauri mean in your context?:
In my opinion: Mauri means finding out, who you are and being yourself. 

Here is the art I have drawn for my Mauri Artwork:

The Tamaki logo represents the school I go to.. 
The infinity sign represents my family and friends ... Uniting: 
The maori and samoan patterns represents my culture 

Sunday, 5 November 2017


Today I Learnt about TurangaWaewae. I feel like Opononi  is my Turangawaewae because of the peacefulness and the happy vibes that comes across people makes me have that specail connection with others and the nature  Its landscapes capture the point of how we were before and how we changed along the past years. Seeing people in Opononi makes me feel like im at home which I am because my family was born over there . 

Thank you for reading . 

Monday, 16 October 2017

Cure Kids ..

Today Room 10 participated in a Kelly Sports event to support Cure Kids .

Cure Kids is a foundation that helps out sick kids and funraise  money and gives it to scientist that need the money to try out new medicine for the kids . That means they would have enough money to cure kids and get new equipment to make new treatments / medicine for sick kids . An example of ways they support children's health is : Do activities at different schools to raise money , do funrasing for the kids and many more . The effect of their work/ reasearch is that they would have enough money for the scientist and they would be able to make new treatments for sick ones . 

Today I participated by joining in the activities that was givin to us given to us and also bring a gold coin . That means I did my part to help out the sick ones . An example of a game we played was "Capture the flag" Its basically when your in 4 different groups and you have to basically steal a ball or something you got just to take to your team . 

By supporting Cure Kids I hope my impact I put in would help make a difference . 

Thank you for reading. 

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Welcome Back To Term 4 ..

Nau mai , Hoki mai ki taku rangitaiki . Ko tenei te wahanga tuawha o te tau ! 
Kei te pehea to hararei? 

One thing I am really looking forward to this term is the Sleepover/movies because we been reading a book called Wonder and seeing a real life version of the book would be very exciting and also the sleepover I get to spend my last 9 weeks here at Tamaki Primary with my friends and peers , get to know them well and see what they are interested in .. 

My personal goal for the last term of 2017 is spending time with my friends a bit more then I usually do , show more self management so when I head of to college I would be able to self manage myself. Show more confidence , I'm a confident girl I just seem to not show it so thats what I really want to work on . 

To fully enjoy these end of the year opportunities , I will need to remember to show my school values , self manage myself with my Technology fees . 

I am really looking forward to my last term here at TPS .. 

Thank you for reading .. 

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Whakatauki O Te Wiki

Whakatauki : 

"Tangata ako i te whare te turanga ki te marae tau ana " 

English : 
"The person taught well at home will stand strong on the marae and in society " 

Key message : 

It starts at home , if you get taught well about leadership and values , you will be able to take that leadership skill and those values through your life journey. Getting taught those values and showing that leadership will take u far in life as in being an adult . 

A time in my life : 

A time in my life where this whakatauki was set is when i'm either going to a tangi or a family meeting .  Theres either one person standing up and telling us ( kids and adults ) how things are going to be , he or she reminds us on how we should respect each other and show our values towards each other . 

You will hear this in : 

You will either hear this whakatauki in : Sports tournaments , family meetings , confrences etc.. 

My own version : 

" Values taught when you are young , using these values and leadership wisely will help you get far when you are an adult " 

Quote : 


Thursday, 31 August 2017

Qualities - Careers

Today for careers we had to do a task related to qualities . There's 8 qualities that I think I'm best at and I reckon those qualities are : Kind , on time , polite , quite , careful , cheerful , competitive and responsible . For this task we had to write the meaning and all but something different about my one is that I put in my understanding about qualities and I explained why my qualities are what they are .

Thanks for reading .